Diet Coke Found to Dramatically Raise Risk of Heart Attacks !

According to a study made by researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and published in the journalHeart, the consumption of only two sweetened drink daily, including “diet” drinks, increases the risk of heart failure by up to 25%. Even though earlier studies have shown a strong link between the consumption of sugary and diet beverages… Read More »

This Man Built An Amazing House In A 700-Year-Old Cave ! ( VIDEO )

If you’ve ever wanted to abandon your home or apartment and just crawl into a cave, Angelo Mastropietro can show you just how great that can actually be. Yes, the 700-year-old cave he’s moved into has undergone some $230,000 in renovations, but when all is said and done, it’s a fantastic mix of history and… Read More »

Watch video: Giant alligator checks out Florida golf course in US !

Amazing video footage of a massive alligator, almost almost 15-feet-long was captured roaming the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Florida.     Video courtesy/Charlie Helms’s official Facebook page   Charlie Helms, a resident of Florida filmed the unbelievable footage and posted it on his Facebook page on May 25, which was shared on YouTube later.… Read More »

Stroke Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore !

Stroke is a medical term used to describe a brain attack that comes as a result of irregular blood circulation in the brain. According to official statistics, stroke is among the top 5 reasons of deaths in the United States. The situation is similar all over the world. Brain strokes are also one of the… Read More »

Don`t Ignore This: Your Smartphone Is Slowly Killing You !

Phones are killing people slowly in numerous ways.It is quite shocking that one research showed that average person spends 4 years in his life on the phone and check the phone about 110 times daily!!! Below we are going to write about 5 ways on which your mobile phone can cause you health problems or even… Read More »